2021 International Conference on Energy Development and Utilization (ICEDU 2021)
Guest (Inviting)
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Prof. Jizhong Zhu

South China University of Technology, China

Research Area

[1] Teaching, research and development in the area of power systems

[2] Power and energy systems

[3] Applying optimization techniques, and artificial intelligence to power systems

[4] Research and development of Energy Management Systems (EMS)

[5] Research and development of Market Management System (MMS) 

[6]Renewable energy application (Wind and solar energy, Microgrid)

[7] Distribution network optimization and Smart grid 



Prof. Shenming Chen

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology & Institute of Chemical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology

Research Area

[1] Nanocomposite materials research

[2] Organic electrochemistry

[3] Bioelectrochemistry, 

[4] Conducting polymer Electrochemistry

[5] Nanoelectrochemistry

[6] Chemical sensors, biosensors

[7] Electrocatalysis and electroanalysis


Mohammad Reza Safaei.jpg

Prof. Mohammad Reza Safaei 

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Florida International University (FIU)

Research Area

Research, design, and implementation of new technologies for a sustainable future



A. Prof. Lei Xing

Institute of Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Jiangsu University 

Research Area

[1] Proton exchange membrane fuel cells

[2] Chemical reactor design, photocatalysis